We have been building a great reputation with homeowners and business clients since 2001. Our jobs are on a start-to-finish basis, taking the client's dream and making it a reality. Unlike many contractors, from the foundations up we'll supply every trades-person you need. We also know that what you need least is hassle, and that's what we provide least of all.








Better Energy Homes Scheme

The Better Energy Homes scheme provides grants to homeowners who invest in energy efficiency improvements in one or more of the following areas: Roof Insulation, Wall Insulation, Installation of a High Efficiency (> 90%) Gas or Oil fired Boiler, Heating Control Upgrades and Solar panels.

The incentive is in the form of a Cash Grant. Cash grants are fixed, irrespective of home size, though where actual expenditure is lower than the grant value only the lower amount will be paid. Payment is by Electronic Funds Transfer to the applicants bank.


How does the process work?
You email, phone or write to us at KS Construction with an initial overview of your project. Then we set up a free consultation at your house.
What happens at the consultation?
During the consultation we`ll assess, measure and survey the site. At this point we can talk in more detail about what you want to achieve. We`ll suggest some options and give you some firm recommendations. Based on your wishes, we`ll find and cost the materials and prepare a formal quote. If you agree to our always-competitive cost then we can schedule a start date.
And you`ll project manage the whole thing?
You got it. You can go and get on with life and we`ll cover all the messy stuff. But don`t worry! We`ll be filling you in every step of the way. And because everything funnels through us, from plumber to carpenter to decorator to purchases, you only need one number in your phonebook. Ours!
When can you meet for consultation?
We`re flexible. If evenings absolutely suit you best that`s fine, but given our choice we`d opt for daylight hours because we get a better feel for your requirements that way.
What about skip hire for the job?
Any rubbish from the job gets hauled by skip. We`ll organise it, with your agreement of course. The cost is included in the quotation.
What about snagging and after?
We promise snagging without the nagging! We guarantee all the work that we carry out and guarantee prompt attention in the unlikely event that you may not be 110% satisfied with the job.
Are you insured?
We certainly are. KS Construction has both Public and Employers Liability insurance.
Are you compliant with current building regulations?
Yes we are fully compliant with all current building regulations.
What does PSCS mean?
PSCS means Project Supervisor for the Construction Stage. This title was introduced with the 1995 Construction Regulations & reinforced in the 2001 & 2006 Construction Regulations.
Can you be our PSCS?
If you don't want to appoint an external PSCS we would be most happy to take on the role. We have the necessary competence to carry out the relevant duties of PSCS. We have training, knowledge, experience & resources. We have Health & Safety qualifications & have safety experience to ensure complience with the 2005 Act, and all applicable regulations, standards & safety/ health/ welfare requirements.


  • KS Construction have carried out a couple of projects for me in recent years on our family home. I have found their approach both dynamic and innovative and are a fantastic company to work with. The quality of the workmanship is of an excellent standard and it is clear to see they only use the very best tradesman and have a great understanding of their clients requirements. The projects were completed on time and on budget with minimal disruption and our home was left clean and tidy at the end of each working day. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending KS Construction and will continue to use their services for any future work
    Jay & Katie Verdon
  • This was a mammoth task as not only did we have a very tight deadline to our store opening but the site we bought had been an office and it had to be converted to a retail environment. KSC demolished the existing space and transformed it into a state or the art, functional retail showroom.  All aspects of the build were conducted in a hassle free and timely manner.  In fact, we found Kevin and his team to be courteous, competent and professional  from the initial job briefing right through to completion.
    Ray Doyle
    Auto Care Ireland
  • We required a complete renovation of our offices and principally our reception area. Not only did KSC do a fantastic job of the re-vamp, Kevin worked closely with me and made worthy and helpful suggestions and recommendations throughout the building process, from placement of fixtures and fittings through to colour selection. This level of service and detail removed all the pain from decision making and I could trust Kevin’s team to come with the right solution.  Our customers often comment on the design and finish of our reception area. I would have no hesitation in recommending KSC.
    Owen Cullen
    Managing Director
  • Our old house needed a serious makeover. We got new floors, new ceilings and an attic conversion. I found out about KS Construction on the web and Kevin was quite local to us (from Malahide). He was only one of three quotes, but he certainly had the most respect for us as clients in our home. Beyond converting the attic and finishing the dining room I was vague with what was needed, and he was great at filling the blanks, explaining all as he went along. The job ran very smoothly. And when there was a hiccup his follow-up service was instant. Even over Christmas when we called him he sorted us out. He was always reachable, he was the cheapest quote and he backed up his work with excellent aftercare. And how can you not mention that the team cleaned up every evening? He insisted on leaving it as they found it, even though we protested! They never took over the house either, which often happens. I would recommend and have recommended Kevin, and the person I sang his praises to has gone on to do the same!
    Cora from Clontarf
  • We underwent a complete downstairs renovation on my 3 bed semi. I wanted to remove a wall to open the kitchen and dining room. Support beams were needed and downstairs was stripped, replastered, retiled, repainted in its entirety. New wooden floors went in, along with a new bathroom. Then there was the decorating, electrics, carpentry, stairs repair, plumbing and on and on. KS Construction oversaw the complete job. I heard about Kevin through a shared interest in sailing, and I was very happy to have one individual project-managing the entire work. There were a lot of loose ends to the initial design, and Kevin was very good with fresh ideas and suggestions. Peace of mind with the job was total, and Kevin guarantees all the work 100%. Snags – even two years later – were sorted out with no quibble. I don’t make recommendations lightly, but I’d endorse Kevin’s work any time.
    Gilbert Louis
  • We required a large renovation with new walls and floors, electrics and plumbing, kitchen and bathrooms. The work was completed over two months between mid July and September. The website was where I found Kevin, and after we met and discussed the job thoroughly he sent on a quote. I was happy with it and as he was fully insured I was happy to push the go button. Although I was quite certain of what I wanted, I was delighted when Kevin would point out alternatives I mightn’t have considered or known about. He has superb workmanship and reliability and I’d quite happily recommend him and the excellent value for money that KS Construction offers.
    Paddy Mettler
  • Our B&B required renovation to comply with fire regs. A friend of Kevin’s, a chap with very exacting standards, gave Kevin a big thumbs up, so we hired him to get to work on the architect’s plans. This was a very specific job, and had to meet the fire officer’s strict requirements in order to get certification. What made Kevin’s job even harder was our strict deadline, both for the fire officer and for the B&B business.  No room for error, and he didn’t make any. Kevin came through it with flying colours. If I had to pinpoint a couple of strengths, it would be the quality of his finish and his flexibility. And he makes time too for minor jobs, which you won’t find with too many builders.
  • We discovered Kevin through a friend’s good recommendation. It helped that his quote was the most competitive! We had a fair idea of where we wanted to go with the design, but it was great that we could consult with Kevin on a lot of the details. We teamed up well on it. His advice was extremely valuable because in the end we got a bigger extension for the same cost, including an extra unplanned bathroom downstairs, all down to his suggestions and experience. The job was completed on time as well as on budget, and Kevin’s reliability for getting stuck in was invaluable. We weren’t always able to be on site, but we felt that the project was always in safe hands with Kevin. No hesitation in recommending him at all.
  • In 2008, we commenced a complete renovation of our home. We chose KSC after viewing earlier projects they had carried out.  Kevin, over saw the project end-2-end, delivering everything we had envisaged, flawlessly, within budget and on time. Kevin’s experience, enthusiasm and suggestions always have merit.  2014 and we decided on an attic conversion with a slightly different twist.  There was no hesitation based on the work that Kevin had done previously and, again, we employed KSC for this new project.  With the architect engaged and Kevin’s vision … we now have a new twist on an old house.  The quality of workmanship, the eye for detail and the result is second to none.  I have and will continue to confidently recommend KSC for any project.


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